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Two days live seminar

6 months free support
Craft Master Application

Premium Starter Kit
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Workshop, € 2000


6 Months Course. With 2 Days Workshop.

This course is suitable for anyone who would like to learn the unique technique of microblading. No previous experience is required as the course content is comprehensive in terms of the principles and practical application of microblading, so this two-day course is suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners.

PhiBrows offers extraordinary microblading education when compared with other microblading schools. Our education is richer in knowledge of all necessary areas of microblading and covers:

  • different microblading techniques;
  • marketing strategies;
  • problems regarding work practice;
  • natural hair growth patterns;
  • hair growth anatomy and so much more.

When you attend this course, you will receive a Premium Professional PhiBrows’ Starter Kit, worth over 1200 Euro, which has been created to include the very latest in microblading technology and application. As part of this starter kit you will receive all the materials necessary for practice and work during and after the training course. Your PhiBrows professional Starter Kit contains:

  • 20 PhiBrows disposable tools - U blade eccentric;
  • 10 PhiBrows disposable tools- U blade classic;
  • 2 universal tools;
  • 1 Phi tool;
  • 1 package of silicone caps - 50 pieces;
  • 3 latexes;
  • Scissors;
  • Tweezers;
  • 2 mineral pencils;
  • 5 pigments 10ml;
  • 3 auxiliary pigments 10ml;
  • 50 blades;
  • Skin candy – 50 pieces.

Our unique education is divided into two parts:


  • Introduction to Microblading;
  • Theory of problems regarding skin, reflection of pigments, post-treatment flow - relating to skin type and factors that can influence the pigment and its durability etc.
  • Introduction to hygiene standards;
  • Drawing shape of the eyebrow;
  • PhiBrows hair stroke patterns on skin simulation (latex);
  • Digital determination of symmetry of the eyebrows - using the PhiBrows golden intersection (golden ratio Phi 1.618) divider.


  • Practice on skin simulation (latex);
  • Preparation of shapes of brows on models;
  • Learning to use the PhiBrows mobile Application for symmetry of the brows;
  • Master’s Observation and advice for students whilst working on live models (we strongly advise you to bring your own model as it will be beneficial for your further

Lunch and coffee breaks are included in the course costs.

Our education is rigorous; it does not finish after 2 days.

Students who successfully complete the two days’ course will be granted access to PhiBrows’ Craft Master Application which consists of more than 30 hours’ of video instruction, pictures and theory and step by step guidance for when students need to recall information gained during the course. Watch video now 

The application contains 11 levels of comprehensive ‘guided tuition’, each level needs to be passed in order for the student to become certified and receive their PhiBrows Certificate. After completion of the two days’ workshop, students will receive daily online support from their PhiBrows’ Master for up to 6 months to help ensure students feel confident with their work.

Craft Master’s tasks:

  • Drawing the shape and strokes on skin simulation (latex or a linoleum).
  • Drawing the shape and measuring symmetry on a live model.
  • Complete work on a live model.

Communication with your PhiBrows Master does not stop after you receive your certificate. There will be an abundance of questions that you will want to ask and to which you will need answers. We are at your service 24/7, 365 days of the year!

The cost of training with a PhiBrows Master is as follows:

  • Training in a group of up to 8 individuals - 2,000 Euro (Starter Kit included)
  • Personal Training with Master 1x1 – 2,900 Euro (Starter Kit included)

A Deposit of 700 Euro will be required to secure your place on a PhiBrows course. This should be paid when confirming your place on a PhiBrows course, the balance will be due on the first day of training when joining the course.

We appreciate that joining one of our microblading courses is an investment in you personally and in your future.

We will work with you to help you achieve your goals - our commitment will equal yours!


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